About the Artist

David Schock

David  Schock was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1962. He holds a degree in  Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts, studied at the Exeter  College of Art in England, and at the Art Students League in New York. His  instructors included British painter Michael Mayer, and American  portrait artists Nelson Shanks,  George Passantino, and Aaron Shikler. He  began his professional career taking commissions as a portrait painter,  and continues to do so, specializing in informal portraits of families and children. 

He soon had success in the landscape genre as well with gallery exhibits in London and Boston. He has since shown extensively in distinguished galleries in the United States and England for over twenty years,  and has been featured in one-man galleries in Carmel, California, and  Newport, Rhode Island.

The  artist's original paintings are in major private and public collections  in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. Over thirty thousand reproductions  of the artist's landscape and figurative work have been published by Art  Beats and the New York Graphic Society, and his artwork has appeared in  "House Beautiful", as set pieces in films and television, and as book  covers.    

He is an award winner in painting at the Copley  Society in Boston, was selected to be part of the prestigious "Possible  Dreams" Auction on Martha's Vineyard, and has been honored as a featured  artist with the Boston Pops. 

David Schock's portrait work with families has been awarded  "Best of Rhode Island" by RI Monthly Magazine.  The  Sports Museum of New England has multiple works by the artist in its  collection, and an original David Schock painting of Terry O’Reilly was  part of pre-game festivities for the Boston Bruins hockey star when his  number was retired at the TD Garden. 

His sports artwork has been displayed at  the New England Patriots Hall of Fame, and an exhibit of his work, as part of the Deacon Jones Foundation Exhibition, was on display at Super Bowl 50 at NFL Honors and in the Legends lounge.

David maintains a studio in Wakefield, RI. 


artist's statement

 For me, art is about seeing the world in different ways. Perception is a choice about what we want to see, and the artist freezes a  particular  perception to draw attention to it, to express its validity  in his or  her vision of the world. 

Art  has the potential to direct our varying perceptions,  with their constantly changing appearances, to a more constant, truthful vision of reality.  Humanity could be said to be in a  collective dream--expression in the various mediums of  the arts ideally creates a "dream within a dream" that  leads to awakening.  


Personally,  I utilize the figure in my  paintings as a symbol of interaction and  perception as well as a  complete entity in itself; one system, the  body, interacting with  another, nature.  Human perception is that these  are different, separate  systems at times, not at others.  This  dichotomy, and the search for  harmonious relationships resulting from  its creative resolution, are the  major focus of my figurative work.


In  my landscape work I choose  to focus on and celebrate the successful  relationship of man and  nature, through a landscape woven through time  with human interaction,  such  as a beautiful garden or farm, or the  simple, timeless enjoyment  of a child at play on the beach."  - David Schock