"The portrait unveiling could not have gone better. Huge hit!"

"Thank you for our portrait--we love it, it truly captures the essence of our family"

"My wife loved the portrait. It is, clearly, in our opinion. first rate work by wonderful artist."

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From the Artist

I started my career as an artist painting portraits, and most of my studies were with portrait artists. These included Nelson Shanks, with whom I apprenticed, and Aaron Shikler, two of the most prominent portrait painters of their generation.

Over the years as well as doing the traditional head and shoulder portrait, I also branched out into "informal" portraits, meant to be a record of families and how they interact, as well as the places they love to spend time together.

Family Portraits have become a specialty of sorts, and recently I was awarded "Best of Rhode Island" for this work.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I would add to that, a good portrait, one of the most demanding and rewarding of paintings, is worth a thousand pictures. 

If you are interested in finding out more about commissioning a portrait of your loved ones, please read a bit further below, or contact me here. 

Sincerely,  David Schock



" A picture is worth a thousand words ~ A portrait is worth a thousand pictures."

Commissioning  a portrait is usually found to be an enjoyable process by all.

 The  sitting process involves getting together and my creating reference  images, which may include sketches and usually photos (this is almost  always the case with portraits of children). Then one or two small composition studies will be done and sent to the client within a few weeks, giving the idea for the  composition for the painting. 

After approval of this sketch by the  client, work begins on the final painting. This usually will be  completed within three to six months of the initial sitting. 

Payment is  1/3rd at the initial sitting,  1/3rd at the O.K. of the compositional  sketch, and 1/3rd at completion of the portrait.   

Your  input into the process is welcome. I have never had a commission where  those closest to the subjects of the painting did not have valuable  suggestions about the portrait.  Your input is welcome as part of a collaborative effort, with your happiness with the final work as our  shared goal. 

For a idea of the range of prices, past commissions have  ranged from $800 for a small single figure impressionist sketch (painting), to $ 40,000.00 for a  large group portrait. 

 For more information, please contact me at 401  783 5861 or  by email


Best of Rhode Island

David Schock's Family Portrait work has been awarded "Best in Rhode Island" by Rhode Island Monthly magazine.