Boston Public Gardens


Growing up in the Boston area, it is nearly impossible not to be touched by the beauty and charm of the Public Gardens - for which I am grateful !

I have lived in London and across from Central Park in New York, painted in Paris, and visited many magnificent public parks around the world, but none are foot for foot as well designed and as beautiful as the Boston Public Garden's.

 Approx 24" x 36"  unframed  $8500.00

Poppy Field


After traveling to France when I was at art college in England, I fell in love with the French, Italian and English landscape (and landscape paintings). 

Of particular interest to me was Monet's work, his magnificent poppy field paintings included. I sought to create my own take on this motif, and it led to a series of poppy field paintings, this being one of the last remaining ones. 

Oil on canvas, hand-carved gold leaf frame, 8" x 14" $1400.00

In the Garden

  This classic image of a woman reading in a garden is framed in a hand carved gold leaf frame. Painted on location on Martha's Vineyard at the famous Chalotte Inn. Oil on canvas, 8" x 10" (image size) $1200.00  

Painting on Nantucket


I was invited to a group painting weekend on Nantucket with some great landscape painters, and we all went out to the south beach area. 

As I recall, Sergio Roffo was to my left as I did this work, and that is Stapleton Kearns working away at the easel.

Great guys, and I am often left in awe watching other painters work. 

This piece is an acrylic on board, and measures 14" x 18", gold metal leaf frame, $1400.00

Painting in Nantucket


Edgartown Light, on Martha's Vineyard, is a classic example of a New England lighthouse. Boats entering the harbor, passing by this beautiful lighthouse, make for an irresistible image to painters, at least this one!

Here a small sailboat is entering the harbor just as the sun sets. Oil on canvas, with gold-leaf frame 8" x 14" (image size)  $1400

Yellow Field, Devon


The brilliant yellow rapeseed is a popular crop in western England, and it makes for stunning views and color palettes. 

This large painting makes the viewer feel like they are right there.

36" x 48" acrylic on canvas $3600