The simple subject of figures by the shore, the water, the sunlight and reflections, and how they interplay, is one that consistently inspires some of my best paintings. 48" x 24"  

On sale currently at Chatham Fine Art, in Chatham, MA

Girl with Pail


The water and reflections make this image for me, as this simple subject matter becomes something exciting because of the beautiful way the water, light and reflections play together.

Oil on canvas, with hand carved gold-leaf frame, 16" x 12" (image size) $1400

Standing in the Dunes

This is a rare tempera, a medium I have only done a handful of paintings in. It is a medium of pigment and egg yolk, used extensively in the Renaissance prior to the invention of oil painting. It was revitalized in the 20th century by American artist Andrew Wyeth.

The tempera is fragile, so framed under glass, and is painted on hardboard. The surface is delicate in the transitions, and I felt it ideal for this subject matter, a women standing in the dunes on a misty summer day.

original tempera, 16" x 12"  $2400.00