New Arrivals


The latest artwork from the studio, including paintings, portraits and print editions. They are exhibited, and available for purchase, here first. 

See New Arrivals here.

 Welcome  to my online site, where you can see and purchase my most recent work,  commission a portrait or limited edition, or just look around!  

The site  has five main sections:

  • New Arrivals see the most recent work from the studio
  • Paintings This includes landscapes, figures, and more. 
  • Portraits, Samples of my work, and  how to commission a portrait,  
  • Prints, Open and Limited Editions of my best known work.
  • Sports Art  Images of famous sports teams and figures

I  have had the good fortune to be an artist my whole life, and I look  forward to sharing my work with you. Please contact me with any  questions. 

 401 783 5861  via email.


To see paintings, including what is currently available, as well as archived works, click here.


For many years I have enjoyed creating commissioned portrait paintings of individual men, women, children, and family groups as well. 

Rhode Island magazine recently voted my family portrait work "Best of Rhode Island."  Rhode Island, my adopted state after many years in my native Massachusetts, is a very small state, but that was still nice!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I feel a good portrait, one of the most challenging, and rewarding, kinds of paintings, can be worth a thousand pictures.

To see more of my portrait, work, and learn about the (enjoyable!) process of having a portrait painted of your loved ones, click here.


Many of my best loved works have been created into open or limited edition prints, on canvas or paper. To see what is available, click here.

Sports Art

I am a life long sports fan, and feel it is one of the few things that brings communities and very diverse people together in positive ways (along with art, science, music, movies and a few other things). 

A few years back I began a series of sport artworks in a new expressionist style. Several months later, my sports artwork was exhibited with the National Football League at Super Bowl NFL Honors. My sports art is also in  the collection of the Sports Museum of New England, and other places!

To see more sports art, and learn about how to purchase an original piece, or commission a sports themed painting or edition print for a team, athlete, agent, company or fan. click here.